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Intuitive healing with Bob Supernant

I was led upstairs by Bob Supernant into one of the second floor healing pavilions. Behind an orange and yellow curtain was a massage table draped in a beautiful batik sarong, all very ordinary for a healing session. Out-of-the-ordinary in the treatment space was a pyramid made of copper piping, it’s base beginning at the floor in a square around the circumference of the table and moving into a point of four triangles meeting above the table. Hanging from each of the four triangle edges are smaller copper poles with water inside. This is no ordinary water, it’s water organized after Dr. Motto’s water experiments, infusing the molecules with intention, and thereby, reshaping them at the most minute level. At the very top of the pyramid is a pinecone. This pinecone represents a natural double spiral, one working up and out of the healing pyramid and the other turning down to spin through the body. Sacred geometry is the basis for the set up, inscribing symbolic meanings to shapes that unfold in high vibrational frequency.

The session began with me laying on my back. Bob asked me what I’d like to work on and I mentioned my spine (I’ve had titanium rods in my back since a scoliosis surgery in 1997) and my skin, which tends toward irritations that seem to have no clear source and no obvious end.

Mr. Supernant sat at the head of the table pushing into the occipital area of my head, in what felt similar to a zero-balancing or cranio-sacral technique. From there he moved to my right wrist, reading the energy of my pulse on the center line and the ulner-side of the arm. This is a different pulse reading position from the radial pulse check in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda that I have experienced in the past. There were several more points pushed and a return to my head, during this time I began to feel extremely relaxed and drift into that place between awake and dreams.

After what could have been an hour of true relaxation, but was probably more like 30 minutes, Bob asked me to open my eyes. He said there were a few things going on and began to share with me what he felt would be best the practices for my health and longevity. The most notable intuitive aspect of the session was that Bob zeroed into vertebral misalignments in my cervical spine, which I was aware of through past chiropractic therapies and the neck pain that comes and goes with my stress levels. He also mentioned a numbness that has recently began in my right arm (in actuality I have been feeling it in both arms), a result from the neck and shoulder tension. It was interesting, in a pleasant way, to have some of my forgotten alignment constellation pointed to, but most comforting by far were the practical and accessible lifestyle incorporations Bob offered me to balance out the misaligned energies he was privy to under the pyramid.

I was offered a simple iodine supplement that Bob believes will remedy much of what I’m seeing as trouble in my skin. Bob also gave me sound advice on grounding through the extra electrical energy I experience with the rods in my spine. When the session ended Bob offered me his contact information and asked that I be in touch to see how thing developed with the iodine, and then we could go over a best next step. I found the entire experience comforting and truly insightful beyond any expectation.

Bob can be found by appointment under the healing tent and outside of the BaliSpirit Festival by private appointment.

(0371) 971 490 
[email protected]

Written by : Alexis Lea Arvidson


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