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Jivamukti Challenges the Chakras

Sandhi Ferriera’s workshop on Chakra Balancing was a powerful and accessible journey to ground down and rise up. From the Jivamukti School of yoga, Sandhi followed the characteristic trade mark of following a unique theme, that as taught in all Jivamukti classes reminds the individual practitioner of the bigger picture – and their role in it.

Jivamukti is Sanskrit for Liberated Soul – symbolizing the work of this human life to break us from the chains of maya (illusion) and bring us towards the truth of yoga – Union.

The theme of Sandhi’s class was the chakras. The chakras as the seven spinning energy centers within the body that serve as junction points between the body and consciousness, or between matter and the mind which assimilate and express our vital life energy. When the flow of energy in one or more of the chakras becomes blocked, we may develop dis-ease on an emotion, physical and or mental level.

Sandhi explained that the chakra system is a column of energy centers that extend from the base of the spine to the top of the head. She skillfully led a simple class guiding the (nearly full) main pavilion individually through asanas that corresponded to an area of the body’s anatomy, while also using different sound vibrations that not only tuned into the chakras but provided a powerful focal point for us the students.

We began with standing poses for the base chakra Muladhara, focusing on grounding down through the legs, while chanting the sound “Lam”. Sandhi also invited us to think of our mother and then our father and send them gratitude and blessings for giving us life.

The second chakra was Svadisthana, and here we twists to the sound of Vam.

Next Manipura chakra – the power centre – where we chanted “Ram” while in navasana and reflected on our relationships (intimate or business) and asked for forgiveness from any power dynamic we may have misused.

The fourth chakra, Anahata, was to the sound Yam and here we began a series of backbends, to open the heart and to take time to forgive any one in our life who may have previously caused us pain.

For the firth chakra, Visuddha we used the vibration “Ham” to bring balance to the system while in shoulder stand and then fish pose, opening up the voice and our centre of expression of truth.

The sixth chakra, Ajna brought us onto the belly, forehead on the ground to open up our inner vision – intuition to the sound of “Om”.

Finally came Sahasrara to the sound of “Ng” which we did in headstand or at least with the crown of the head on the ground.

Sure enough I left the class feeling very grounded as well as reflective on the people in my life from parents to loved ones that Sandhi had encouraged us to either send love or forgiveness to.

A beautiful class, slow and steady with time to really digest the teachings.

Sandhi will be teaching again at the Main Pavilion on Thursday at 1.30pm. If your looking for a class with a little more depth and intention, check it out!

Written by : Bex Tyrer


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