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Let Your Story Unfold

Lowitz’s Poetry and Yoga class was moving. It was intimate in the way you hope your first public try at poetry is, and it felt safe to take a chance and put heart secrets we might not have known we had on the blank white page. Many of the students were feeling the physical opening from two full days of BaliSpirit Festival, when some of the class vocalized this, Leza responded with a suggestion to keep the class restorative and really open to our writing.

Leza insisted on a simple verbal introduction from each yogi in the class, genuinely intrigued by the creativity of her students.

We began with a few cat-cows as Leza read from her book, Yoga Poems Lines to Unfold By. From here we floated into a peddling down-dog, the poem Leza read was the very first of her collection, the moment her years of writing melding into Ah Ha with her yoga practice.

We continued with an exercise writing down 10 things you would like to have in your life in the next 5 years. The twist came when Leza then asked us to list 10 more desires but with our un dominant writing hand. It turns out our UN dominant hand relates to our right brain, creative non-linear side so the hopes and desires tend to be less quantitative and like a secret wish we might not have realized we had. One of the many techniques Leza uses to help draw out your inner creative child; unedited desires.

Before the class came to an end Leza enlightened us with a meditation known to help people grow closer to answering a very significant question were all eager to know; What is my purpose on this earth? Kham is a Tibetan word meaning passion. The meditation focuses in on intuitively selecting the mission, talent, or skill that fulfills us in this lifetime.

Leza Lowitz continues to inspire, as she intertwines the worlds of yoga and creativity. You can feel her passion to help others explore and unleash their own creativity. She is a seeker of the unique genius we lock inside ourselves and invites you to come along on her journey and explore deep into yourself!

Written by : Reezy Salgueiro


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