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Love BaliSpirit – Meet the Masters : Gede Parma

Ask Gede how we should describe the work and s/he writes back with… ‘Witch, Teacher, Author, Pagan Priest or Mystic’ – which somehow don’t sum up this exotic, gender-ful writer, teacher, healer, spirit-whisperer and co-founder of the WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft in Australia.

Devoted to wonder, awe, connection, reclamation of paradise, erotic theology, beholding beloveds, love, truth and wisdom, Gede will open up new worlds at Bali Spirit Festival.

Gede Parma, few of his thoughts..

2014 should be The Year of… Encouraging Ecstasy Endlessly

Bali Spirit Festival supports that by… promoting Place and Planet-based consciousness!

I am joining the Festival to… offer love, healing and growth as a community.

Come on everybody, let’s… reclaim the paradise that is our world!

I’m not perfect, but… I think many of our habits, fears, traits and fetishes are delightful! They make us more divine if we are conscious, aligned, and desirous – the fruit of discipline and celebration.

How did yoga find you? I was raised with spirituality permeating all facets of my life; there was no distinct or discrete separation. I was raised in the Balinese Hindu faith, though I grew up in Australia. I had heard stories of my Balinese grandmother (dadong) from many relatives in my extended family. They called her a holy woman, a healer, a knower, a seer, one even used the word ‘witch’. That word is what opened Mystery and Magic to me originally – it is still an important narrative to me and I have sought out initiation in its Wild Ways and have also initiated and taught others and continue to learn and grow and deepen.

Yoga taught me… that magic is in everything.

When times get tough I know that… every obstacle in life can be worked with, moved through, overcome and dissolved because of how I choose to engage with the Infinite, the Magical and the Mysterious. My traditions encourage facing fears, dancing with our demons and coming to the crossroads of challenge and choice consciously, and not turning or running away from responsibility.

When I was growing up I couldn’t decide whether to be… a farmer, a zoo-keeper, and a witch.

My first ever job was… a waiter at a Thai restaurant

The best remedy for a bad day is… friendship, coffee, chocolate – and attuned love-making!

It’s a secret but I’d really love to… be a recording artist.

If I had a superpower it would be … to fly in the body – I have always wanted to be able to fly in the body!

My favourite yoga quote is… “No dualism of “good and evil” exists in the Immortal Cosmos. We become virtuous only because we choose to be such”. – Kresphontes

Best book for the flight to Bali? The Fifth Sacred Thing, by Starhawk

Meet Gede at BaliSpirit Festival 2014!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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