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Love BaliSpirit – Meet the Masters: Katy Appleton, UK

Katy Appleton, UK

One of the UK’s top yoga teachers, Katy famously instructed Geri Halliwell in her yoga transformation in 2003 and they created the bestselling yoga DVD ‘Geri Yoga’, which broke worldwide sales records of over half a million copies. She has since authored numerous books and DVDs on her own. Katy was originally a ballet dancer, across a number of ballet companies and her career culminated with a residency at English National Ballet. She has run and managed her own yoga school ‘appleyoga’ since 2000 and runs 200 & 500hr teacher trainings, workshops and yoga retreats worldwide.

The big question I want to ask is… What would the world be like if everybody did yoga?

Mumma always said… the eyes are the windows to the soul! With that knowledge it is beautiful to hold that when speaking to someone and stay completely focused and present with them.

Yoga changed my life by… offering me a greater understanding of how we work and of myself as a human being. Knowing that, I’m more able to navigate the waves of life.

Before yoga, I wanted to be a… Ballet dancer, and I was!

After yoga, I… forgive more easily, laugh harder, admit when I was wrong quicker and love with all my being! As we only have one moment, why not make the most of it!

When everything goes wrong…. I know this too will soon pass – that’s the transient nature of who we are!

I dedicate this year to… expansion!

If I could have a superpower, I’d … fly!

My favourite yoga quote is… Be the change you wish to see in the world – Ghandi

On my way to Bali I’ll be listening to… Spirit bird by xavier rudd

Despite all this yoga, I still wish that…. as a new mum I could be a little less snappy with my husband sometimes!

Bali Spirit Festival, in a word? Rockin’!

Meet Katy at BaliSpirit Festival 2014!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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