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Loving Yourself, A Practice

Self-love, I’ve learned, is a practice. Just like yoga or playing an instrument, the result is irrelevant, it’s about the process. We may never be able to bend into pretzel-like yoga asanas, or have top billing at symphony orchestras, but that’s not why we do it.

Waking up every day and doing something good for yourself, good for your soul, isn’t about what may happen, it’s about honoring yourself with that time. That precious gift we give ourselves by taking the time for self care.

Along with my yoga practice, I’ve taken up the practice of doodling. These mindful little cartoons about my day, and thoughts about the world, started out as a road-map to get back to myself. They’ve now become an integral part of my life as I’m now a daily doodler, producing cartoons everyday.

The art of doodling isn’t about the result, it’s about the process. It’s about taking the time to let my mind process the day, and go into that quiet, meditative place that we all forget exists.

Being more present and taking note of all the little moments that bring me joy, cause anxiety, or are generally just funny, are a bonus. The fact that they’ve enabled me to make a living, and my friends can’t wait for new ones? Even better!

I’d say that self love, and self care is for ourselves, but it’s not. It’s not FOR ourselves, it’s to BE ourselves. Taking the best care of yourself that you can, knowing that you deserve love, and are loved, let’s you be your most authentic self.

BaliSpirit Festival is one of the best places for creating this space, as the community empowers people to take the time to connect with their authentic selves and bring that love back to their homes, families, and the world. Being part of the 2016 BaliSpirit Festival this year was an incredible experience as I got to further share my doodles with such a like-minded group of conscious people.

cartoon positive mindset

Practicing Self-Love is taking time for ourselves and doing things we love that enable us to better serve our loved ones, communities, and the world as a whole. Self-Love is making the best decisions for yourself, understanding that sometimes things suck, but you’ll get through little human, and gently reminding yourself to be present, it’s all temporary.

Self love for me has become about loving the process, being in the present, and enjoying the ride!

You can view all of my doodles on my instagram @normajeanlovesdoodles, and website,

Written by : Norma Jean Belenky


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