Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Musical Spontaneity

Are you serious BaliSpirit Festival?!?! I can honestly say with no exaggeration or embellishment that I had one of the BEST nights of my life last night, hands down! The activating vibes of the Saturday night One World One Stage line up tickled the depths of my heart strings 🙂 I am blown away by the energy created at these musical events. I am deeply captivated by all of the performers ability to entrance an entire audience through their emotionally rooted expressions of music. I could rant and rave through this entire blog about the rhythmic energy and intimate vocals of Sousou and Maher Cissoko, or the connection portrayed from Cudamani to their performance, or the curative vibrations of Nasi Campur that you just can’t help shaking your body to, need I even mention the hypnotic trance of Okas didgeridoo coupled with tantalizing bass beats? But, the real highlight for me last night that I MUST share with you all was a spontaneous private concert with Dustin Thomas and Andrew Terrett aside the lotus pond in the enchanting grounds of Arma.

When last nights concert had ended I was on such an energetic high from the incredible music and crowd involvement my heart suggested I take a cool down walk through the Arma gardens to reflect on the evening. As I gracefully strolled deeper back into the grounds with no agenda, I found myself at a beautiful lotus pond which implored me to stop and share the dazzling night ambiance with it. As I sat and gazed into the clear, dark night sky sprinkled with shinny diamonds paired with the clean white glow of the moon, I couldn’t help but slip into a state of reflection and meditation. Moments passed as I slipped deeper into my meditation only to be brought back to reality by the most heavenly guitar strumming patterns I’ve heard. I opened my eyes to see who other than Dustin Thomas out for a leisurely stroll with his small bodied guitar. I couldn’t help but blurt out ” Dustin! Come on over man”. He gracefully obliged, strolled over, calmly sat down and just kept the music flowing. We were soon joined by a few other close friends as well as fellow musician and Dustin’s brother in love, Andrew Terrett. From there the music flowed into the wee hours of the morning. I consider myself to be a musician but was completely humbled by the amount of talent and emotion exuding from these two precociously gifted and awe-inspiring men. This is what their souls were meant to do! Thank you Dustin and Andrew for allowing me the opportunity to harmonize with your souls last night. This was truly a night I will NEVER forget. Just another validation to the ego of the magic that can occur once we surrender to our hearts and intuition allowing them to guide us through this enchantment which we call life! Forever grateful.

Written by : Christopher Fannon


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