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Nadine McNeil Speaks

Nadine recalled how she had started a yoga class in downtown Kingston, bringing people from different ends of society together. She didn’t ask permission to

Nadine McNeil Speaks

do it, she just did it: “Being told that you can’t do something is a great motivator. Sometimes the best way to get things done is not to ask them but to just to do it.” Now every Sunday morning uptown yogis practice side by side with those from downtown – breaking stereotypes and starting an essential conversation uniting community.

Other examples would be looking at how to apply yoga and body work as a tool in vulnerable communities such as teaching in prisons or orphanages. She reminded us that is was fascinating to see the transformation in the communities with yoga.

Her message: Get clear about what drives you. Why it is your doing what you are doing. See your own prejudices. Self examination. We are all in this world faced with a choice about whether we are living to take, or living to serve. Then there is the essential question of whether we are working for change for ego; what is the real motivation behind the action? And take the time to examine the role of the ego but also use it. Nadine stated: “When you are feeling down trodden, get that ego to pump you up and take it do the next level and when you are feeing high and mighty just bow down to the ego with a bit of humility.” Basically… get on the mat, feel more, see more, learn more, and then get off the mat and live it with full intention, compassion and activation.

Gratitude sister, it’s good to have you here.

Courtesy of Nadine McNeil

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