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ONE Night to Remember!

Its official! The magnificent new Yoga Barn annex has been unofficially christened and the dance floor put to the test (and it passed with flying colors).

Wednesday night’s special showcasing of spiritual music – We Are All ONE, opened the music program for the 2012 Bali Spirit Festival with a cross-cultural celebration of musical abundance.

Charley was beaming as he introduced John Kadt and his percussion repertoire to begin the evening. John has a grace that is beguiling. His tune – The Rhythms Not Mine, paid homage to signature pulse and life force that carries life and musical arrangements – the beat!

John later played the Hang, a rare instrument from Sweden that also doubles as a UFO. The seductive sounds he was able produced were of an extraordinary sensitivity.


Well known and loved in Ubud, Indian musician Indian Punnu Wasu and his devotional songs allowed the audience to swing into full chorus and introduce an uplifting wave of a energy that proved that both the ceiling and roof of the new annex are indeed securely fastened.


The night culminated with the South American percussive maestro Pepe Danaz (this guy just oozes talent and charisma). His electrifying and hypnotic performance was based on traditional African forms and rhythms combined with complete improvisation.

“I have no preconceived ideas of what will occur during the performance. I follow Spirit,” he revealed when I quizzed him earlier. Pepe proved that the voice is also an extremely versatile percussive instrument.

Later Pepe was supported by the throbbing sounds of the didgeridoo, via Dr. Didge and the New Yoga Barn annex was whipped into an absolute sweat and dance FRENZY!

Percussion Maestro Pepe Danaz.

Written by : Richard Horstman


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