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Pachamantra is “a whole festival worth of talent” says Rob Weber. With the spectacular lineup of Ben Last from Temple Step Project, Rebekah Ray of Vesica Pisces, Eve Marie Roy, Keith Ka’La, Raio (Rob Weber), Vieux Cissokho of Afronesia, Murray Kyle, Baptiste Sejourne and Lucas Harper, Pachamantra is a full stage of music-making brilliance.

In this, the latest newest music mash-up from Ubud (after last year’s surprise collaboration of Garden Underground), Weber again raises the bar. With a mix of instruments and voices from across the globe, they managed at once to be melodic, funky, danceable and yet chilled. Unsure where one sound ended, and another began, with voices in perfect harmony and instruments creating the united sounds of 2015, you could say they got it going on.

They were joined by the Dayak singer Lamiang, and Dayak dancer Rennga, from Spirit of the Hornbill, Kalimantan.     
Karina Manning with silks, and Francie Fishman with hoop.

Written by : Suki Zoe


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