Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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PECHAKUCHA / PKN17 – featuring BaliSpirit Festival presenters

In the run up to this year’s BaliSpirit Festival, we are really excited to deliver an evening of short inspirational audio visual presentations.

The brief:

You have precisely 6 minutes and 40 seconds and 20 visual slides to tell a story- Go!

This pre-spirit fest event will be held at Ubud’s iconic Betelnut which boasts chic two story interior, comfy lounge seating, cocktail bar and the best audio visual system in town. It is also a venue renowned for being the local and expat regular live music hotspot.

This Pechakucha event will feature BaliSpirit Festival presenters as well as local Ubud Superstars

“What is hated was once loved”

by African dance sensation Baba Kauna



by Sufi musician & yogi Tahir Faridi Qawwal


“Transformational Typography”

by Artist & Thinker Human Ruben

“Innovation spaces in Africa”

by green solutions advisor and expert Markos Lemma


“Africa Moo Balu”

by African-inspired musicians SouSou & Maher


by award-winning producer, filmmaker, musician and transformational workshop Guru Jamie Catto


This is an evening designed to inspire you through listening, thinking and deep discussion before we get our groove on and start moving every day in celebration of physicality and wonder at the BaliSpirit Festival 2014.

Book your tickets in advance to ensure you get a seat as this event is sure to sell out.

Still haven’t bought your tickets for the BaliSpirit Festival WORLD CLASS night time concerts? We’ll have tickets available for sale on Pechakucha night.

Written by : BaliSpirit


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