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Playful Healing with long spine!

When I met Gwyn Williams, I knew that his class would be one of the highlights of the Bali Spirit Festival… The Yoga teacher, Zen Shiatsu and Thai massage therapist and writer of the book «The Zen of Touch» with the big smile seems interesting enough to tempt me attend his class…And as a thai massage lover and student myself, the title «Zenthai shiatsu: Spinal Elongation» made me really curious…

And I am happy I did go! Starting in a circle and talking about love and trust, making people touch each other from the first moment and mixing stories about Hanuman with Chinese medicine and beat mantras…ohhhh yeaaah.. this class is interesting! Some partner yoga, some contact improvisation, a lot of fun and a smile in every single face was the continue.. He tought us how to strech eachother, how to be present and mindful with our touch, how to open our hearts and enjoy our beautiful gathering!!

And then he flipped us upside down with some therapeutic flying.. We felt our spine getting longer with the gravity, our hamstrings more flexible and our mood getting better and better.. The Lawn Pavillion was full of Super yogis and Folded leaves and the music kept the high vibration..

Slowing down with some Thai massage, he reminded us the perfect touch, the full participation and the mindfulness that we should apply not only in our massage practice, but in our life in general..

At the end, hugging each other we chanted Suksama Meme (Thanks mama in Balinese) for all the mamas of the world..and as I was thinking about all this beautiful blender, I was wondering: If that is the start, what is coming next???

Written by : Dimitra Pappa


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