Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Shakti Arises In The Women’s Circle

What a blessing to have so many amazing empowered people, family, kin and tribes gathering in this place. As soon as I even went near the dome for women’s circle my body was in full cellular rushes. There is something special happening here, that has spirit and transformation unleashed in this sacred space. Rachel Love holds an incredible space, inviting all to dive into authenticity and really dive into the body, physically and emotionally to be present with all that is. It is a safe and sacred space to really FEEL, to sound to allow, to witness, to let go, to let god, or should I say Goddess.

The power of Shakti is ever-present. The divine mother Shakti, , the fierce Goddess Kali ~ moving through creation and releasing our fears, durga ~ the lioness that roars in protection and empowerment, Sariswati ~ creation and creativity, the soft open channel of the Goddess in all her many arts from music, dance, writing, and art.

We are invited to dive deep into the place of power, into our bodies and open and see what is there. What may arise ~ ecstasy, grief, release, insight, pain, laughter. Any and all stuck or frozen blockages are given permission to rise to the surface. “We have to feel to heal” is an old native american saying associated with the red coral for nurturing. There are not many spaces in our society where women (or men), are given the opportunity to take all the social masks off, of having to be any way, put on social airs and graces. Dance the dance of the ego and persona, that wants to be liked, loved and thinks it has to be a certain way.

Here in the dome, all is welcome as we gather as women. The shakti rising, the Goddess is called in. She who shall bear witness to all, with unconditional love, healing moving through any repressions. How amazing would our world be if every-one was given the space to really feel. To howl and cry, to laugh in ecstasy and realise the sacred traditions of the Goddess and the Earth. Held in spirit of the true temple of the divine we are opening our bodies, our minds, our hearts . It is a gift and an honour to be held in sacred women’s circle. I have been blessed to be doing this practice with Rachel, and some other sisters here in Ubud for the last year, and it is the one commitment I am devoted to. I feel the power of this work, of the gift of the precious space of breath, of intention and opening our wombs, our feminine channel to really roar and howl and assimilate the divine tantric power of awakening.

Each practice is a gift. And in this moment at the festival to drop in for a moment to this such sweetly deep space and in an environment that is so full of love and high vibes from the bhakti and the channel that Rachel Love holds. Nestled in the back corner of BaliSpirit festival Rachel this year has birthed the soma dome, and the moments of light and offering have been felt by all. Rachel is a pillar of the Ubud community, with her depth in permaculture and as a mother of Kavi, Giving the nectar of Soma with super high raw and slow cooked foods. A hub of the Ubud community that is not to missed.

Working with her father John, who is a character you will come to know and love if you have the chance to meet him. I see him as I run out early sitting by the entrance of The sacred trinity Rachel has created this year, with her clothing stall Indigo, and cafe restaurant Soma, and the Soma Dome, where for this moment the woman are gifted the sacred space to go deep. I give such thanks and honour to john and Nick who are playing didgeridoo and holding space out the front.

It is from an Island of the Gods that Rachel and John descend, with rich cultural heritage and ancestors of Bali this wisdom stream flows forth. Giving thanks and praises to the ancestors and all the devas and spirits of this Earth that Rachel love, a woman of heart and service is in offering to.


Written by : Kala Shekinah


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