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Sing it loud…

Very relaxed, but still in the mood of discovering something different after lunch, I jumped into Daphne Tse & John Dekadts’ class of Nada Yoga..the Yoga of Sound!!! Using our voice to reach God! Yes, our voice is the most ancient instrument and we carry it with us all the time!!!

The class started with a meditation at the chakras leaded by Daphne. We touched and visualised the colour of each chakra while chanting the special sound of each one of them… We were chanting loud, opening our energy centers one by one, feeling, sensing and producing universal vibrant sounds..

Then John spoke to us about Chinese medicine and blocked energy plus some ways to unblock it.. We laid down, feeling comfortable, sensitive and open as a group, feeling the energy in our body, while the super talented group of musicians were playing healing music…

At the same time, the African drums from the Lawn Pavillion made our bodies shake in a different rhythm and it was interesting to observe how the sound affects our energy body in different ways..

Soon Daphne guided us to chant a mantra to Lakshmi, the Goddess of spiritual abundance, the Goddess most connected to Bali… a place where the spirit has a party!!! The divine Mother that nurtures and protects all the creatures!! Susksema meme in Balinese, we chanted from our hearts and the beautiful afternoon was full of grateful sounds!!

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Written by : Dimitra Pappa


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