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Soccer? – Argentina 5; Indonesia 2

Argentina won what may be its first ever international soccer match against Indonesia late yesterday, when four all-stars from the Los Angeles-based Latin rhythm group, Los Pinguos, held off a talented team of university students at the Indonesian Christian University in Jakarta. Not an official match of course, but for those playing, an important game nonetheless. 🙂

For the high-energy Los Pinguos guys, it was a chance to catch up on their second (or maybe first) passion, playing football. Although lead singer Coco and principal song-writer Jose gave up professional soccer a year ago, they tell me that in LA they play at least four times a week, even the Friday morning game against close friends turning into fierce almost savage competition.

For the UKI (Universitas Kristen Indonesia) students, the afternoon and evening were pure magic.

First a spirited, energising 90 minute music workshop, with the generous hearted Los Pinguos welcoming several music students to jam with them on stage. Then the eye-popping footwork of Jose, the spinning, dodging, nimble team play of Coco and Fefe, and of course Julio’s spectacular diving saves keeping those university goals to a minimum. In a university where aspiring soccer players can earn a full study scholarship through their sport, they were in heaven watching the vintage Los Pinguos step through the paces on their very own practice ground.

The evening concert was fabulous – with a set of traditional songs from across the archipelego by the university student choir dressed in vibrant costume, then several original compositions from the talented Marusya Chamber, before the Los Pinguos magic transformed the night. Toe tapping, can’t stop dancing, smiling, laughing, simply magical men, giving everything in their heart to this enthusiastic audience.

It was a grand day for Argentina. 🙂 With the representative of the Argentinean Embassy listening proudly in the front row, Coco declared that – as far as they know – this is the the first time an Argentinean musical group has toured to Indonesia, and they hope it won’t be the last. But more importantly for this good-looking, big-hearted, twinkly-eyed crooner and goal kicker, a 5:2 victory in soccer sets the right tone for more “international” matches in the future!

Written by : Jen Richardson


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