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Song-Writer in Action

In a question and answer session at yesterday’s “FRIENDSHIP THROUGH CULTURE” International music workshop at UKI university in Jakarta, a professor asked Los Pinguos if they were on drugs. The four musicians looked shocked for a minute – they were hearing this English with an Indonesian accent, so maybe with their second-language English, the Spanish-speaking Argentineans had misunderstood.

But no, the “I’m no drugs” uni lecturer was hoping he’d get the answer he did. A resounding “No! No drugs! Music is all the drugs we need,” from Fefe, as the others shook their heads. “Well maybe a beer or a glass of wine …. “, he added.

Then the same prof tossed out a challenge to the group, and specifically to song-writer José Agote. Would they write a song about friendships through culture, between people of different countries? ….. The band members smiled, and discussion moved on to other topics. How did they firm the band? When did they move to LA from Argentina?

Four hours later – after a TV media interview, a vigorous soccer game, a quick shower, a “formal” dinner with members of the university staff and the embassy, and the two concert – the professor was presented with a new song, written in Spanish by José and translated into English by Santiago (Fefé) Lee. Not sure they even had time to make a copy. If they did, I’ll ask if I can post it here tomorrow. And if they’ll be playing it at the festival! (And I’ll also ask one of our awesome uni student assistants to translate into Indonesian).

José‘s poetry is wonderful – whether whimsical, romantic, raucous or just plain fun – and everyone of their songs worth listening to. And thanks guys for putting the translations to so many of them on your website.

Don’t miss grabbing one of their CDS. They have recorded seven but only brought “California Los Pinguos” and their double live album with them. Vintage.

Written by : Jen Richardson


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