Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali 2025 Dates TBD

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Sunset Latin Groove vibe

Sunset over the waters of Kerebokan beach, white breakers gently foaming into the shore. Sunset descending, orange, red, golden glow scattering across the sky from cloud to cloud. You think it’s gone and suddenly there’s purple glow in another part of the sky.

Middle ground: Stage scaffolding, with a swimming pool spreading out from it, then huge chaise lounges smothered with smiling people. Lawn sweeps up like an natural amphitheatre to Potato Head’s half circle restaurant – and more people. Delicious casual dining at Bali’s latest “in” venue, Potato Head.

Focus: All eyes and ears back to the stage as four magicians of South American music – Argentina’s Los Pinguos – weave their spell. It’s aid back groove. It’s toe tapping. It’s “I have to get up and dance now” all original music. Fast Spanish lyrics. Laughter.

These guys have a vibrant energy and rapport with each other that’s clear with every strum of their guitars. They’ve travelled the world music together for 10 years.

See them Friday night at Bali Spirit Festival. Arma Resort, Ubud Bali.

Written by : BaliSpirit Media Team


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