Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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The beat goes on!!!

On the last day of the BaliSpirit Festival, I feel truly overwhelmed.

It was a Sunday, and indeed the sun was shining bright all day long. It was an open day for everyone, a Family day, so Purnati was full of people, locals and foreigners, from early in the morning. 

Almost all the workshops were totally full and the energy was getting higher and higher!!! The 108 sun salutations guided by12 teachers accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack, plus the healing circle at the end was the highlight!!!

Happy faces everywhere, love and touch in every corner, hoops and dance, yoga and trance, Kirtan, prayers, bleesings and ceremonies, informations and demonstrations, hugs and kisses, children and elder people, drawing, laughing, celebrating life, singing, swinging, tasting, feeling, healing, rocking and chilling… Purnati was in a ball of light, vibrating with african sounds and indian prayers, balinese drums and universal prayers!!! The power of unity and creation in its full potential from Ubud to the world, from the world to Ubud!

And after the morning activities the night concerts followed when the party transferred at Arma!!! Arica mama, reggae, rock and fusions rocked the night out and made the people jumping high to reach the sky!!! 

BaliSpirit Fertival 2012 is over for this year and it was awesome!!! Suksema Meme Bali for this experience.. Thanks from the heart to all those that made it happen!!! Next official meeting in one year here in the center of Bali for one more unforgettable experience!

Om Shanti!

Written by : Dimitra Pappa


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