Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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These Things Happened!

Swaying palm tree gateway, sweet motorbike parking attendants with a warm welcome, a stunning, grassy, rambling location, chain smoking ticket takers (hehehe), an official heart hugger, more volunteers than seemed reasonable, Zebra Yoga Pants For Men (best paired with a Captain America headscarf), Leather Arm Bands For Women, sternum tattoos, white people with dreadlocks, Balinese people with dreadlocks, visible nipples, the dreaded food ticket conundrum, two dudes who vaguely resembled Fabio, two others who could pass for Anderson Cooper, Whitwell Wisdom, Paradise Energy, Prem, Global Healing Chants, playtime in the pool area, West African Dance Bliss.

The Humbling Bathroom Experience (a river of mud streamed directly from the bathroom, which gave visitors off the distinct impression of crossing a river o’…) breath of fire, a hipster with a feauxhawk, partner yoga with a stranger who had a chest cough. Okay, I’ll admit it, I washed my feet in the bathroom.

Yoga Class, PurnatiKids avoiding New Age Mom, New Age Mom avoiding her kids, Way too much forced dancing in yoga class, George storming out of yoga on too-much-singing-not-enough-yoga grounds.

Countless permutations of The Yoga Face (a close relative of Orgasmo Face and in the same genus as Holy Fuck I’m About To Die Face).

Banana Leaf Spoons.

Yuppies disguised as Hippies, Hippies disguised as Yuppies, feaux leather yoga pants, a train wreck clashing of yoga soundtracks – and in case you’re wondering: Motley Crue (seriously) and Sanatam Kaur (look her up) does not a healthy mash-up make.

Debu Mantap!

One repentant, formerly reluctant blogger, thousands of smiles and infinite Good Vibrations. 

As always… Keep it Rockin’

Written by : Adam Skolnick


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