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After checking out the Dharma Fair I decided it was a good job I’d left my purse in my room that morning. Filled to the brim with bargains and treasures there was everything on offer from clothing to cacao beans! I decided what was needed to calm me down was some Crystal Meditation with AwaHoshi, the pioneer of crystal sound.

Wow, was I blown away.

The class was packed and when it begun I could see why. We began with AwaHoshi explaining the dynamics of the crystal bowls, which amplify, transform, store and focus energy – not a easy feat you can agree!

With the scent of orange and peppermint in the air, we all lay down with our heads facing north, towards the bowls. The meditation took place over 40 minutes, with us all visualising and softly speaking our own personal affirmations. The sound of the bowls, along with some fantastically ethereal chanting and mantra by Awahoshi my wandering mind imagined my affirmations coming true like a movie – I was a star!

After the class we had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss our experiences. It was clear from the amount of people sharing and staying behind after class what a profound effect it had on the hundred or so yogi’s attending. I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of different kinds of meditation and I found the class utterly transforming. Without trying to be to over to the top it reply felt like a life altering experience, I would thoroughly recommend trying to get to the Sunday afternoon workshop. To discover and explore more into this fascinating kind of mediatation check out the video below.


Written by : Hannah Cox


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