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Transformation and Manifestation

In this blog post, I share a short interview with one of the BaliSpirit Festival facilitators who answered three questions. As there are more interviews to follow, the intention is to reflect the variety in terms of themes and teachers, and spread the inspiration from their journey through life and at the BaliSpirit Festival.

When it came to the question of whom to interview, I was faced with quite a dilemma though. Whom to pick out of the amazing abundance of high-quality, highly-experienced, highly-inspiring workshop givers; the talented teachers and trainers, presenters and performers, artists and alchemists? If I had the possibility, I would have interviewed each and every single one of them. Seriously! But well, that would have become kind of a long read.

So I decided to do the most logical thing I could do at the BaliSpirit Festival: to not let logic decide. In other words, letting (Bali) Spirit lead the selection, and thankfully in the end it worked out wonderfully. My wish is that these words resonate with you as well. Since sometimes we need to hear a message from a certain person or perspective for it to really sink in. We may have heard it a thousand times before, but now it suddenly seems to strike a chord.

And so this interview focuses on one of the themes that are so important to all of us in our daily lives: Creation.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your most important takeaway in the comments below.

Tah Riq’s Take on Transformation and Manifestation

The BaliSpirit Festival Interview Series - Creating Your New Reality - Tah RiqTah Riq Amawi has made it his passion to deconstruct the way we master skills and create lasting change in our bodies and our lives. Having spoken at TEDx, the Stockholm School of economics St. Petersburg as well as a number of progressive festivals around the globe, he now travels the world hosting transformational detox retreats and hosting Reality Creationeering workshops, teaching a fun grounded approach to manifestation and the art of creating reality from the inside out to design our lives rather than having others define our lives.

In short, what is the journey that brought you to where you are in life right now?

Up until around 8 years ago, I was living my life according to the standards set by society. I was working at a job I really liked, as the head of department for a branding company, when one day I got made redundant. In fact, this was the very day I was supposed to move into a flat next to my work! So in one night I was without a job and without a house. It was then when I decided to do something radically different and I bought a one-way ticket to Bali (more about this in my TedX Talk ‘Taking a leap from desktop to rooftop’).

“I began to see that I was somebody who was escaping my life and numbing myself to it, rather than creating a life that I actually wanted to live”

Once in Bali, I gradually started to walk a more spiritual path, learning about ways to construct a life that would lead towards a more positive future. Leading me on to plant medicine, meditation, becoming a vegetarian and eventually deciding to stop drinking alcohol. I swapped my late nights for early mornings and have been progressively getting more healthy, not just with what I put into my mouth but also with what I put in my mind. I started learning all about manifestation and neuroscience and how we create and shape our realities through our thoughts and feelings. 

“I have created and shaped my reality into a life that I have designed myself rather than one I have become defined by”

It has led me on a path of traveling around the world, doing transformational detox retreats and holding seminars in manifestation. I love talking to people on a down-to-earth level about how we create our reality, treading a path down the center though, meaning, not too esoteric and not too scientific, but bridging the worlds.

Tah Riq seminars on transformational detox and reality creationeeringConnecting consciousness with the corporate and business with the bohemian. This has been a powerful trajectory for me lately and is one that I intend to continue to develop, for instance in my new online Reality Creationeering experience.

What do you love about the BaliSpirit Festival?

I am super grateful, blessed and honored to be a part of this progressive, consciousness expanding, down-to-earth and in-touch-with-nature type of festival. There is such a mutual energy exchange going on here. It’s been a beautiful ride. I became involved with the BaliSpirit Festival four years ago with parcours workshops for kids, and also adults actually, on how to overcome mental blocks and obstacles. And now I have been making the move towards speaking on a global level and sharing this message on how we create our reality.

The BaliSpirit Festival Interview Series - Creating Your New Reality - Change Your Channel

What one thing would you want the whole world to know?

“You are never going to be happy if you continue to allow your life to be defined by some else’s expectations and judgments and fears. The only way you can truly find your own happiness is to have a life designed by you rather than defined by others”

What I see these days is that people are not involved with business, they are consumed by busyness. Everybody is always having their attention diverted or misdirected. If people just took more moments of being still and allowed themselves to go inwards more, developing an inner standing rather than an outwards understanding, then they would soon be able to discover what their mission and their purpose is. And once you have a mission and a purpose,     the universe starts reorganising the chess pieces and life starts to flow so much more seamlessly and so effortlessly.

BaliSpirit Festival Interview Series - Find more moments of stillnessSo I would say, find more moments of stillness, and cut out all of the distractions, turn off your phone the first hour in the morning, keep your phone on flight mode, turn off all of the alerts and allow yourself to just be in each moment. Because it’s when you go deeper into each moment, that you start accessing your greater creative force and that’s when those new ideas download into your mind.

Imagine that you were downloading a piece of software off the internet, and when the download is almost complete, you pause it, or your internet connection drops and then you have to start all over. I think it is like that with our creative ideas and our access to genius. If you allow yourself to have more moments of stillness, you can continue that download process until it completes, giving yourself the chance of discovering just how great your ideas, and you, can be.

Carving Your Own Path

As one could see from the transformational speakers at the festival, they have all followed the cues that life gave them and made the most out of it. Whether change came from a craving, a choice or a commitment, the speakers heeded the call of life, or spirit, as they went their way. This path may not always be the easiest one, but in the end it’s the only one that deeply fulfills us.

The speaker featured here, as well as of course all speakers at the festival, are a reflection of living life in an empowered way. They are aware of the fact that we always have the choice to change our reality if we wish (see Tariq’s inspiration), and if we can’t, to choose a more positive and powerful perspective as long as we stay connected with ourselves, our soul and each other. This will make for a magical mix to manifest momentum that propels us and our lives towards our full potential.

When you look at your own life, which next step is spirit inviting you to take?

If you have the chance, see if you can carve out some space each day to really hear that inner voice until you are clearer on your next step. Maybe it is taking part in next years’ BaliSpirit Festival? Then start manifesting or…book your ticket right away here.

BaliSpirit Festival 2019 DatesArticle by Nicky de Koning, Spiritual Business Coach, Supporting Soulful Entrepreneurs to Shine Online at 


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