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Trinfinity8 and beyond: a lesson in healing by numbers

a lesson in healing by numbers

Now, hands up who hates math? I know I do. Even the word math conjures images of my scary school teacher, who upon giving up on me completely would send me next door to an empty classroom during long equations classes so I couldn’t distract anyone else with my ignorance. BUT, and I say this very loudly, my thoughts about math were changed quite dramatically this morning when I met the oh-so effervescent Kathy Forti, who’s bringing her life changing Trinfinity8 machine to the BaliSpirit Festival.

What’s the Trinifinity8 I hear you cry. Well my friends, it’s like no computer software system you’ve ever seen. It’s even better than Facebook (gasp). The Trinfinity8 represents a whole new quantum shift in bio-energetic technology that can quite literally turn back the clock on the aging process, increase awareness, restore vitality and assist your body in attaining that all-important sense of self balance, all by running special mathematical codes through your body. Hurrah! Finally. A reason to appreciate math.

Trinifinity8 (which looks like a clunky hard drive that plugs into your PC or Mac’s USB port), operates by allowing streams of coded data to be transmitted into your being.This healing energy buzzes through to you via hand-held quartz crystal transmitters and algorithms, which instruct the body to whisk you into a whole new dimension in healing, through numeric binary code. Your DNA will soak this up like a sponge and respond, sometimes with miraculous results!

The most amazing thing of all perhaps, is how Kathy Forti came about inventing this machine. After a near-death experience, she started receiving messages from a series of spirit guides who over a period of time prepped her in such advanced technology and relayed the algorithms needed to bring this advanced form of healing to our world. Some have even compared the technology to “how things were in Atlantis,” when apparently, they’d do a lot of wacky things with crystals. We’ll never know for sure of course. It’s all a bit wet down there now.

There’s far more to Kathy’s fascinating story. I basically sat there gawping like a goldfish for two hours this morning trying to take it all in. If you’re interested, watch the videos on the Trinfinity8 website, and don’t forget to stop by for your own experience in healing with Kathy at the BaliSpirit Festival.

The impressively tall and super-energetically-charged Bob Supernant will also be there with his special energy pyramid. Here we are sitting in it.

It creates a vortex of energy that can be quite powerful. Hold tight to that seat. We know Ubud is all about finding yourself, but you wouldn’t want to find yourself and then get all lost again. In the void.

This morning in fact we all wondered what it would be like to combine the power of this pyramid with the wonders of the Trinfinity8 machine, but Kathy forgot the crystals, so we’re going to have to experiment properly on Saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you’re in Ubud, you’ll also have the chance to experience all this yourself at the BaliSpirit Festival. Don’t forget to keep checking out this official blog for the latest. Trinfinity and beyond!

Written by : Becky Wicks


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