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Tuning the Human Computer

Most of day two of the BaliSpirit Festival was about reconnecting with the many friends I’ve made over the years. I’ve attended every BaliSpirit Festival except one and as a result my BSF community has grown and deepened. After lunch, I ran into Mayan Astrologer, Vasumi. She and another friend had paused to re-hydrate They were sweating and glowing and carrying yoga mats like everyone else at the festival. “Are you doing a lot of yoga?”, I asked. They laughed and admitted that they hadn’t done any yoga, they were just carrying their mats around. Vasumi joked that maybe they would find a cool spot to lay down and take a nap. “There’s so much great stuff going on!”, Vasumi added. “Have you heard of Trinfinity?”

I had not heard of Trinfinity, of course, but I was intrigued. Vasumi went on to say that she had received a Trinfinity treatment in the Healing Hut section of the festival and was impressed. Vasumi felt that the healing possible from using Trinfinity was profound and noted the countenance of it’s creator, Dr. Kathy Forti as proof. “She’s sixty years old and looks forty!” What? I had been on my way to munch on some of the festival’s delicious raw food options but now I was walking toward the Trinfinity area. Placing all assumptions about age aside, I had to admit that indeed, Dr. Kathy

Forti does not look like a sixty-year old woman. She could be Ageless, which I’ll submit as a new category of health and well-being anyone can achieve by taking good care of yourself and doing what you love.

Trinfinity is a new bio-technology that involves the transmission of “non-invasive rejuvenation programs based on math, sacred geometry, fractal field amplification and ancient healing tones”. The codes enter the body through pure laboratory-grown crystal rods that you hold in your hands. The transmitter/reciever quartz rods are connected to a computer’s USB port that sends the codes through. Dr. Forti came upon this technology in a pretty spectacular fashion. She described to me the very moment when her life changed. She had a near death experience in which her heart basically stopped. She experienced a total emptying. She was refilled with a new set of guides and they spoke to her and told her to breathe. That was the beginning of her interaction with a group of inter-dimensional beings who were the guides for the creation of Trinfinity’s technology. “I started hearing voices” she said, “and as a clinical psychologist, that’s not something I really wanted to admit.” Five years later, Trinfinity was born.

My own experience with Trinfinity was interesting and challenging. The first part of the treatment was a bonus for me, your humble blogger. In order to get a full “before” and “after” picture of the effects of this treatment Dr. Forti hooked me up to a kind of pre-monitoring device in order to get an idea of what kind of currents my body was already running. Then, I was asked to choose what kinds of programs I wanted to use for my personal healing. I chose nine different programs (there are 70 in all) which ranged from “remove emotional blockages” to “restore heart resonance”. Other downloads include “skin and hair rejuvenation” and “body sculpting”. Dr. Forti explained that we’re working with DNA codes which is basically math. The body understands geometry and math because that is the language of the universe. Using the proper codes creates resonance and aligns the cells into healing patterns.

After the programs downloaded through my hands into my body. I was connected to the pre-monitoring device again to see what had changed. In my case, the waters had been deeply stirred. I was less in alignment after the treatment then before it! However, Dr. Forti’s assistant was ecstatic. “The system is really working on you!” There was evidence that a lot had occurred in the 30 minute session but I was disappointed that I wasn’t as aligned as I thought. Apparently it often happens that when there’s a lot of disturbance in a system, the work is deeper and needs more time. The process of calibration is not always a linear process. Dr. Forti invited me to return the following day for another session. To that I say, “Yes! Tune me up!”

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Written by : Jaguar Mary


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