Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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What is BaliSpirit Festival

Discovering yourself. Meeting like-minded people. Dancing. Experiencing Yoga in ways you never have practiced before. Healing. Listening. Learning. Feeling. Having fun. And so much more. Each year during one week in March/April people from all over the world come to the tropical island of Bali to go on a journey of (self-)discovery, attending daytime workshops of yoga, dance, martial arts, breathwork and personal development. A shell of sound surrounds the festival grounds during day and night, performed by songwriters, DJs, world music bands and other conscious musicians. Attendees can choose between full one-week festival tickets, 3-day and day passes. For music lovers there are special music passes, allowing to join a few workshops and giving access to all music performances. It is a festival for everyone. For singles and groups, children, teens, families, experienced yogis and beginners alike. The extraordinary variety of the program combined with the spiritual and beautiful natural setting makes it an unforgettable experience. 

For Yoga Lovers

First of all BaliSpirit Festival is a Yoga Festival. Therefore a big amount of workshops are dedicated to the yogic way of life and different modalities of the yoga world. International and local presenters teach sessions in both classical styles like Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Hatha, Jivamukti, Ashtanga and new fusion styles like Heavy Metal Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Afro Flow, Children’s yoga and more! Some presenters focus on heating up your     body, others on restoring or chakra balancing…whatever it is: all aim to share their knowledge, their energy and their spirit with the festival attendees and for the greater good. Additionally, there are also classes which encourage you to sit still, or/and direct your attention inward. These different meditation classes help you to return home to yourself.


Some people call it the new Yoga – we believe they can coexist and even complement each other. That’s why breathwork has gained importance during the last years, also at BaliSpirit Festival. In workshops of two hours or more, facilitators like Giten Tonkov, Dhana-Dharma Devi & Ashanna, Leena Kristina Tuulse and more introduce breathing techniques, taking attendees on a journey away from and at the same time into themselves to heal.

Where Healing Takes Place and Growth is Empowered

While overall inner healing processes can take place when attending the festival, there is the option to book private sessions with one of the healers located in the Healing Huts area. Tarot readers, Reiki masters, massage experts – more than 20 different professionals in alternative health and medicine, personal growth, and spiritual well-being offer private sessions at the festival every year.

And then there are even more workshops focusing especially on healing. Be it soundhealing in the evening hours with views over the rice fields and the rising moon, Wataflow treatments teaching water therapy in the pool or Thai- and Esalen Massage presentations and hands-on workshops – healing is part of BaliSpirit Festival, whether actively experienced or passively felt.

Another aspect of the festival which supports the inner healing but also personal development are talks and seminars. Experts of different fields of life sciences and coaching give ideas, examples and inspiration on how to overcome obstacles and grow.

For the Dancers

Of course, also dancing can be healing. And there is a lot of dance at BaliSpirit Festival. Be it moving to Afro-Brazilian beats, joining that HipHop class or more spiritual ones like 5elements dance – it is a great part of the festival where attendees can get grounded, can shake off their bodies, release trauma or move into different spheres. A highlight each year are the ecstatic dance programs, usually lasting two hours or longer during both daytime and nighttime programs.

For Music Lovers

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people”- Roy Ayers 

Connection – another big aspect of BaliSpirit Festival. Connection with yourself, with others and with the Divine. The line-up of musicians performing at BaliSpirit Festival includes ceremonialists and soul-healers, sound alchemists and truth-speakers, voices of angels, voices of the forest, voices of roots sunk deep, voices of ancient wisdom, expressed through a rising underground of spiritually-inspired artists gathered from the four corners of this sacred planet. 
Day- and nighttime music aims to create a connected and intimate concert experience that leads us into deeper relation, brighter joy and truly sacred celebration.

Experiencing the Festival as a Solo Traveler

While the festival itself is a big gathering of like-minded people, for some it can appear scary and requires courage to attend it alone. Will you feel lonely or strange? Absolutely not! While there is space to take alone-time, all workshop and music programs focus on connection – be it with yourself or with others. Many attendees arrive by themselves but leave with new lifetime friends. When traveling alone all is possible and sometimes it is even easier to get in touch with other festival-goers than it might be when joining as a group.

Is the Festival Suitable for Families?

Yes it is. All week, the Kids Zone offers daycare services and an entertaining program especially designed for children two years and older, so the parents can join workshops while the little ones are playing. Though, the highlight for families is the Family & Community Day – one day of the festival when all workshops can be attended by kids and adults to enjoy activities altogether as a family.

Positive Impact beyond the Festival Grounds

Founded in 2008 with about 150 attendees, BaliSpirit Festival has grown to one of the best yoga and music festivals in the world, counting more than 5000 attendees during the last editions, including 1,000 Balinese and Indonesians and visitors from 60 other nationalities. Following the Hindu principle of Tri Hita Karana: Harmony with God, Harmony in Community, Harmony with Nature, BaliSpirit Festival aims to awaken and nourish each individual’s potential for positive change within, leading to positive change in our homes, in our communities, and around the world.

In addition to providing an inspiring space for personal transformation and sacred celebration, the founders of the BaliSpirit Festival pledge to provide financial, logistical, and organizational support to local charities, with a special emphasis on children’s programs, multicultural education and performance, healthcare, HIV& AIDS awareness (Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS), and environmental conservation (Bali ReGreen) in Bali and greater Indonesia. Until now more than USD $200,000 have been raised for the Festival’s annual Karma (Giving Back) outreach initiatives.


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