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What Is Conscious Music?

Read this article by the creators of IN SPIRIT Retreat, the first holistic retreat on conscious music production in Bali. Learn what it is all about.

“Sound will be the medicine of the Future.” (Edgar Cacey)

Modern day science is discovering more and more what ancient cultures and indigenous civilizations from all over the world have known for ages: Music not only affects our mood and emotions, it can actually be used for healing and there are certain frequencies that can alter our brainwaves and the state of our consciousness. So what is the difference between “ordinary” music and “conscious” music? In our understanding, the main difference is the intention behind it. “Conscious Music” or “Medicine Music” is created with a positive healing intention that is transmitted directly from the heart and is very powerful because it is connected to being of service to others and honoring all life as sacred. It can be called “medicinal” because it makes you feel better while and after listening to it. “Conscious Music” can be heart-opening, centering, expanding, inspiring, soothing, uplifting, calming and re-connect us with our inner wisdom. It often sounds very organic and the lyrics are prayers for the earth and humanity. “Medicine Songs” express gratitude for nature and might invoke certain spirits, beings, and energies that support a certain healing purpose. It can be religious and used for ceremonial purposes but it knows no dogmas and limitations and it carries a very pure essential vibration that speaks to mind, body, and soul and can assist people on their spiritual path.

Join The First Holistic Conscious Music Retreat

The idea to create a conscious music production retreat that focuses on a holistic and healing approach to music creation and production was partly inspired by the BaliSpirit Festival. We deeply resonate with the vision of bringing people together to celebrate life, dance, and to co-create and inspire each other through sharing a multitude of gifts and passions. Before, during, and still after the festival, talented musicians, music lovers, artists, and free spirits from all over the world can be found in and around Ubud. We felt with all this creative potential available it would be a great idea to set up an opportunity to combine and unite those creative forces and give people who are interested in djing or recording and producing “conscious music” the possibility to explore a unique holistic approach that is a fusion of music production techniques and spiritual practices like meditation, breath- and body-work and channeling.

BaliSpirit Festival Retreats

Our passion at IN SPIRIT is the creation of medicinal, healing, and inspiring music and we love to share our perspectives, methods, and tools that work well for us with others that feel the same desire and passion about music. Fascinated by the idea of coming together to immerse into a deep contemplative journey to get into alignment with our core essence and to find our personal way to channel divine inspiration into music that is created as a gift, a blessing and in service to humanity and the earth, we decided to take our path to the next level and to launch the worlds first holistic “conscious music” production retreat. Our team contains talented, sensitive artists who work as producers, DJs, and music production teachers that also co-create and facilitate ceremonies, rituals and conscious dance events. They have performed at festivals and ecstatic dance- and conscious-party events and in ceremonies all over the globe. Their unique soulful healing music has strongly impacted and inspired the organic downtempo and medicine music scene.

We are very excited and grateful to be able to work together with the BaliSpirit Festival. Each year they invite amazing talented musicians from different cultures and countries all over the world, sharing a message of love through presenting unity in diversity. We took advantage of that and invited some of the artists and producers that play at the festival to teach at the retreat and share their knowledge and production tips & tricks in exclusive masterclasses.

Learn How to Create Healing Sounds from Start to Finish in 8 Days

One of our main concepts holds the idea of creating by connecting with nature (inside and outside) and the art of listening and receiving. That’s why we chose to do the retreat in a beautiful space that gives us the opportunity to bridge the modern technical world with the natural and magical environment in the middle of the jungle (20 mins from Ubud). This way we are able to record nature sounds and ambiances that we can use as an inspiration for the creative process. Beyond the busy vibe of central Ubud, we will be in a calm space that allows us to connect with our surroundings and each other on a deep level.

BaliSpirit Festival Conscious Music

In this unique 8 day retreat we offer each participant to learn about music production and spiritual practices that help to tune into and connect with the source of inspiration. At the end of the retreat, everybody will have the tools that are needed to create a track/song from start to finish and to perform it live with Ableton including recording, mixing-techniques, mastering fundamentals, and DJ-skills. With more than 32 hours of instructional content, exclusive one-to-one classes with the teachers and a system of elective and facultative classes we welcome all levels of experience since we are able to adapt to individual skills and goals. Participants who sign up for the retreat get many benefits like discounts for music production related products and helpful tools from our sponsors, amazing freebies like floating tank- and water-massage-sessions that support you in the process of surrendering and allowing which are key principles in every creative process. In addition we provide the opportunity to co-create with and get inspired by a community of fellow artists and producers, free entry to the retreat’s official ecstatic dance party in Ubud where some of the facilitators and instructors will perform AND the unique opportunity to perform at the official retreat-farewell-party in Ubud!

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The IN SPIRIT Team is looking forward to connecting and co-creating some magic with YOU!


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