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When chi becomes prana, therapy happens!!

I love the sunny mornings in Ubud!!!Especially after a full raining night! So arriving in Purnati this sunny morning, full of contentment I went to check at the program.. First class – first name: Ronan Tang: Ba Duan Jin – Chinese Medicine and Yoga.. Ronan Tang is one of the China’s leading teacher trainers. Ronan is highly skilled at leading yoga     therapy classes, interlaced with a wealth of teachings around asana, pranayama, meditation, Chinese traditional medicine, meridian massage, acupuncture, Taichi, Taoism Qi Kung ,ancient and contemporary philosophy; in other words, a rich, educational and balanced yoga experience.. «Why not?» I thought.. and jumped into the class..

Everybody was sitting, listening to Ronan’s words with a lot of interest.. It took me some time to concentrate my mind in his words because of my sunny mood.. but when I managed to follow the journey that he was leading, I forgot completely the rest of the world and dived into the ocean of his knowledge… Points, meridians and other Chinese Medicine elements joined the nadis and asanas of the yogic tradition and I saw how these two ancient practices can walk hand 2 hand in order to offer a complete balance to the body and the mind…

Every pose can be an asana» Yes, it makes sense.. Asana means steady pose.. and knowing how to use one to stretch a meridian or to stimulate a point is precious information! Or using the knowledge of Chinese Medicine to adjust our practice in our needs is wisdom in practice. So, we did some practice and we discovered all these magic ways to listen to our body, to realize the difference between the two sides and the way that our vital energy ( chi – prana) flows through our meridians – nadis – nervous system.. And moving with our breath we became pure energy. We saw our true nature… we are energy, aren’t we?

And of course there is no Chinese energy work approach without some Chi Kung to balance all the different layers of our existence..So hugging the tree and moving the energy with our breath, made this morning even more blissful!!

We will be able to learn more from Ronan Tang on Saturday at the Bali Spirit Festival… Let your Chi keep u high!

Written by : Dimitra Pappa


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