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Woodstock Revisited

I’d been at Day Number 2 of the Bali Spirit festival all day and was at home listening to the audio of yesterday’s press conference with Shiva Rae, Ninie Ahmad, Yudi Widyatoro, and Duncan Wong. (all about that tomorrow). As a teaser, there is an AMAZING array of yoga classes at this year’s festival. Thus far, I’ve attended classes taught by Eoin Flynn, Shiva Rae, and Danny Paradise and heard about dozens of others from various festival attendees.

At 9PM I closed my computer and prepared to leave on my motorcycle for the concert at the Arma Museum. That’s when it started to rain. Hard. I sms’d friends. How was it? Were they calling off the concert? Text messages came in one after another with variations of “We’re all on the stage dancing. Come!”

I called a driver and off we went on a Mr. Toad’s Wild ride through the pouring rain to the Arma Museum. By the time I arrived, the rain had stopped, and the monsoon rains had left the ground wet and sloshy giving the whole scene a distinct Woodstock feel. People smiling and drippy in the rain and not caring. Mud slushing through the toes of our flip flops. Friends from Thailand, Byron Bay, Australia, Goa, India, and of course Bali convened to celibrate. Music group after music group came on stage. Everyone dancing, talking, loving…. By the end of the evening we were all of us – everyone from Isa’s teen aged step son, to Daphne’s elderly parents dancing to Love in the Circus followed by the Swedish group Kultiration. It was after midnight when the band played their last number, and then it was off to the After Party at the Flava Lounge.

And yes we are doing yoga. All about that tomorrow!

Written by : Robin Sparks


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