Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Xavier Rudd

I am happily exhausted, experiencing what I guess is a pleasure and adrenaline crash. Doing what I love, amidst people I respect and admire – really there is no greater high. Bali Spirit Festival thank you thank you. Kudos to Matt Oldfield, Rio Helmi, Kadek Gunarta and Zipporah – it’s my absolute pleasure to shoot by your sides, between your legs and over your heads.

So after what felt like an already unbeatable few nights of music, so many highs, so much dancing, joy and freaking beauty all around us, and as Baba says we were “LOVE drugged, love high,” Xavier Rudd took the stage.

He’s been kicking around for a few days. I even had a conversation with him about blocked ears, before I knew who he was. But seeing someone, and hearing them are two different experiences. There is nothing quite as trippy as hearing familiar, well-loved songs sung live for the first time. Especially when he is only 10 feet away from you. By the second track I was a little overwhelmed, and shed a few tears. Oh the power of music!

Charles Wall aka Bobby Alu on drums is so much talent in one hot package. The speed he drummed at belied belief. How did only two men created such rich and multi layered sounds? Xavier had us quiet and contemplative, then grooving and shaking. I was tired before the gig began, by the end, I was powered by another a force.

He is a lover, a surfer, a peacemaker and an environmentalist. He has a strong presence, with a power in his voice to have a whole stadium in the palm of his hand. The perfect way to end the show, and the festival – the highest high.

And then the stalls were all out of food, the last coconuts were being drunk, no one wanted to leave after something so potent was created, shared and enjoyed. Until next year Bali Spirit.

Written by : Suki Zoe


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