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Yin / Yang yoga : An Overview

Simon’s class was a fantastic way to kick off this year’s BaliSpirit Festival. As I am a relatively new yogi and this was my first BaliSpirit I had no idea what to expect. I was pleased to see a mixture of young and old, new and experienced students. It definitely showed that Simon held a great degree of respect in the yogi community and that was proven with him putting the class at ease straight away with a great warm up and a friendly, conscious approach to his teaching.

With over 20 years teaching of Yin Yang, Simon -founded the famous Tri-yoga studios in the UK, incorporating techniques that address equally the seen physical body and the unseen. He encouraged us to ‘remain mindfully focused’ and his website shows he views yoga as a ‘personal journey toward inner peace, freedom, clarity, balance and integration, and the revealing and nurturing of the True Self – your ‘essence’.”

The class had a great gentle flow but still managed to get me into a sweat! It was the first time I had tried Yin Yang yoga and definitely encouraged me to explore it more. BaliSpirit Festival has Simon hosting several classes over the course of the Festival, which he will use to slowly introduce different facets of Yin Yang Yoga, I thoroughly recommend trying to catch at least one. He also runs teacher training and yoga workshops. For more information please visite his site HERE.

Written by : Hannah Cox


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