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Yoga Festivals: a growing trend

Yoga festivals have taken the world by storm. A beautiful, blissful and high vibe storm. All year around, all around the world, there’s always a yoga festival ready to bloom somewhere. Thousands of people gathering in luscious and breathtaking locations, grateful to share the powerful energy that the festival summons. Enough to explain why yoga festivals are so popular, right? But there’s more. Yoga festivals have become a trend, yet they have not lost their inner quality and core values: they are mindful and conscious events, where magic happens. Truly.

7 reasons why you should attend a yoga festival this year


1. Yoga festivals balance discipline and fun

Is your intention to practice disciplined yoga classes? Or, are you craving to sing out loud and dance like nobody’s watching? Yoga festivals are great because they offer a balance between discipline and fun. The two beautifully intertwine, creating a space of freedom, self-discovery and serenity, there will be no contrast or opposition. 

Joining a yoga festival is like going to a music festival whilst doing a mini-active retreat. You’ll detox and restore your energy, while having an absolute blast! From Ashtanga and meditation classes to ecstatic dance and kirtan concerts, you’ll find that sweet spot in between and most of all, within yourself.

Bali Spirit Festival ~ Yoga balances discipline and fun

2. They gather world-class yoga teachers

This alone, could be the main reason why yoga festivals are so popular. Attending a yoga festival will allow you to deepen your practice guided by reputable and expert yoga teachers. If you are new to yoga, even better: you’ll get to learn from the best since your very first steps on the mat. And there’s more. Yoga festivals are international hubs for artists, musicians and inspiring individuals: you’ll have the chance to be surrounded by creative vibes and powers, something that will enrich both your experience and life back home. 

Discover Asia’s biggest and best yoga festival

3. A yoga festival inspires and transmits freedom

In daily life, we tend to practice yoga around work and family commitments. Busy and tiring days, with a brain full of thoughts and worries. Most of the time, we also take ourselves too seriously on the mat, struggling to get that “perfect” asana that actually does not exist. Then, at the end of class, we roll our mat and get back to our daily routines. At a yoga festival the practice never ends. Serene vibes are everywhere, on the mat, off the mat, at the dance, at the concerts, at the food stalls…everywhere! Inspired by such energy, you’ll often find yourself giggling during a session, even the most serious ones. A wave of positivity will hit you beautifully and you’ll suddenly feel free. Free to laugh, to cry, to fall, to sing… free to be yourself.

4. They have a strong community base

Going to a yoga festival means to join a community based event. From the organisers, to the participants, the tribe will be one whole. It will be inspiring and exciting and you’ll feel included as part of the festival community. Your practice will continuously flow throughout the event and if you struggle or have any worries, you are in a safe communal space to share and overcome anything with other festival attendees. If you are ecstatically happy, being around a conscious tribe will enhance your ‘yoga high’ to the next level. Plus, the community spirit won’t end with the festival: it will be a group you’ll always feel part of and maybe you’ll get together again next year!

Bali Spirit Festival ~ Yoga Festivals: a growing trend
5. They give back

Most yoga festivals were firstly born as small communities of mindful individuals gathering to both practice together and to support social projects. Becoming larger and more popular has not hindered this initial conscious core spirit. Yoga festivals around the world foster small and big projects and even create some of their own to help local communities and the environment. You will find yourself in a respectful space where, while deepening your self-exploration and transformation, you’ll also have the chance to discover and do something meaningful for others. It will be worth it to skip some classes sometimes and find out more in how you can be involved in the outreach projects, as it will enrich your experience and inspire you to make a difference beyond the festival.

6. They promote a sustainable way of living

Together, while supporting social community projects, yoga festivals also promote a sustainable way of living. Most of the festivals are plastic free and minimize waste. Some, even ask donations to offset the carbon footprints of the attendees getting to the festival; others only offer plant-based food. That’s why yoga festivals are one of the best examples of how humans can live and have fun, in total harmony with the natural world. Something that is very much needed and sought after these days. You’ll feel that harmony and it will bring so much serenity to your personal journey.

7. Yoga festivals usually take place in stunning locations

Look after Mother Nature and she will give back to you in all Her splendor! Yes, yoga festivals usually bloom in outstanding natural locations. Green and luscious surroundings are key to reconnect to yourself and re-boost your body energy. Nature will also feed your eyes, your soul and your thirst of adventures! Go on, explore your yoga festival and it will be a beautiful and balanced journey of self-discipline, ecstatic fun and exotic views.

Experience BaliSpirit Festival in the magical island of Bali, Indonesia 

Yoga in Bali - Bali Spirit Festival

Written by: Elisabetta Crovara


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