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Yogathon Part One: Fun Fundraising!

One word. Incredible. The 2nd Annual Bali Spirit Yogathon took place yesterday for a marathon twelve hour pre-BaliSpirit Festival event. With record numbers of participants from all over the globe, the Yogathon was a resounding success and raised money for AYO! Kita Bicara HIV / AIDS.

Wiwie who programs AYO! Kita Bicara was at the event and took some time to describe the initiative at the beginning of Emily Kuser’s packed High Vibe Yoga class. ‘Since beginning the programme with BaliSpirit, support of over $10,000 has managed to help educate over 1,500 students in four of Bali’s regencies’ she explained, ‘we plan to expand from 25 to 30 schools next year helping to slow the spread and end the stigma attached with living with HIV & Aids’.

AwaHoshi continued to spread the word at her eye opening workshop. Before her class in which crystal sounds are used to activate deep levels of consciousness she reminded her students that, ‘We are beings of tremendous love and we have to learn to be honest with those we love, not embarrassed.’ Wow, something for us all to think about.

With 30 local and international teachers in total, classes ran back to back in three separate areas dedicated to Yoga, Music and Dance. Walking round the resort showed the huge variety of ages and nationalities compelled to take part in this incredible fundraising event. Following an intensive class by LA based Cherie rae (in which she told the class ‘Yoga is for the world, not just skinny people’) I spoke with Surya from Thailand. Like many of the people at this event his reason for being involved was not only lending his energy to support this great cause but also to, ‘ground myself, connect with my spirit and meet likeminded people’. This attitude was throughout the fundraiser with Eoin Finn telling his class about the importance of nature appreciation in Yoga and Jeff Von Schmauder demonstrating Union Yoga his partner based yoga practice.

At the same time across the resort John Ogilive was teaching a Purna Yoga Power Sequence. As one of Australia’s most respected teachers it was an incredible opportunity for many people to be taught by him. Watching the class you could see the care he had for each of them, looking after and helping them within the poses and keeping the class fun and dynamic. This driving force was continued in Kate Grahams class where she took the time to teach a demonstration of her unique form of Tripsichore Yoga.

With affirmations of Love and Community being spread in all the classes, the high vibes continued into the afternoon. With too much to fit into one post, read about the afternoon and evening events.

Written by : Hannah Cox


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