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Yogathon Part Two: Breath-taking Talent!

The Beautiful Desa Seni resort continued with their incredible hospitality throughout the afternoon. There was no chance of a break – Ama-Lis Wai Ching & Saffire Bouchelion along with Charley Patton classes both offered energetic, affirming dance. Saffire’s passion of Nia is shown through his obvious pleasure teaching and in parallel Charley’s fist pumping by the decks helps show the variety that will be available at this year’s Bali Spirit festival.

Yoga continued throughout the afternoon with Tara Judelle’s Hatha class spilled from the decking over the lawn. Daniel Aaron continued to spread the message in his class comparing the spirit of the event to the yoga value of honesty as a primary step to our own happiness. Wise words indeed.

Jason Lamberth hosted a mediation class by the pool and was a welcome oasis for many of the tired yogis. The incredible day finished with two fantastic classes. First was Kirtan, where the chanting of hymns and mantras by the community floated through the gardens of Desa Sari as the sun set in the sky.

Hamanah Drum & Dance bough the day to the perfect end with a high energy uplifting performance. Even though Participants had been on their feet (or mat!) since 8am I managed to catch up with a few of them to find out what Bali Spirit and the Festival means to them. Here are some of their answers…

  • ‘Authenticty’ Kelly, USA
  • ‘Connection’ Janice, USA
  • ‘Lela’ (play) Surya, Thailand
  • ‘Immersion’ Suze, Solomon Islands
  • ‘Connecting to People and energy while creating energy and knowledge’ Christina, Australia

Thanks for reading and to everyone that took part in what for me was a truly magical and inspirational day. I hope you are looking forward to Bali Spirit Festival as much as I am after this tantalising taste of what is to come. To me, Bali Spirit is remembering that my values are the foundation to my life, and to truly grow I must nuture and develop for my entire life, what does it mean to you?

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Written by : Hannah Cox


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