Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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You Are the Guru

Photo by Urilke Reinhold

Rebecca Pflaum has been teaching Kundalini Yoga at the BaliSpirit Festival since the very beginning and I know why. Her Chakra Ma Yoga workshop today was one of the most high vibe experiences I’ve had in along time. It was the perfect blend of yoga, inspiration, movement and rest. It worked so well because Rebecca did what she does best, which is go with the flow.

Rebecca’s first invitation into the present moment began at the top of the workshop with an acknowledgement of the environment. Our yoga practice was taking place at the same time as Baba Kauna’s West African Dance workshop. Super dance-able drum beats wafted through the air while we settled ourselves into comfortable seated positions. Rather than try to compete with the rhythms we were hearing, Rebecca asked us to join in with our breath, our bodies, and our hearts. Our first few kriyas were inspired by the beat of the drum and it was perfect. Resonance was washing over us. “It feels good to go with the flow, right?”, Rebecca said. Heck yeah. We were taking off and the workshop had just begun.

Rebecca had invited some collaborators to her workshop as well. Multi-instrumentalist and overtone singing expert, Igor Enzendam and Bhakti Rocker, Punnu Wasu were on hand. There’s nothing like live music when it comes to being inspired while doing yoga. We lifted our hearts. We chanted. We sang and we danced! Masala Bhangra dancer, Sarina Jain had joined the class too. At one point during the workshop, Rebecca invited Sarina to teach us some dance moves. Punnu got on the mic and the class turned into a Bhangra dance party! Everybody was stoked! It was awesome! Afterwards, when we sat down to practice more kriya we were ten-times more energized than before.

Toward the end of the workshop, Rebecca had us form a healing circle. About 60 people sat cross-legged, palms raised to the sky to send out healing energy to themselves, their communities and the entire world. She invited anyone who felt in need of healing to lay down inside the circle. Your blogger has felt bound up by stress lately. I entered the circle, closed my eyes and relaxed into the glow that was being created by my fellow yogis. Realizations     poured in. I am not alone and everything will be alright. Gratitude arose in my heart. I am at this amazing festival with all these amazing people and it’s a beautiful day. Rebecca reiterated my thoughts. “We the ones we’ve been waiting for. You are your own teacher, your own guru.”

I had tears in my eyes during the last song which is a traditional ending to most Kundalini classes. Rebecca was right. In two hours, my life had totally changed.

May the long time sun, shine upon you. All love surround you. May the pure light within you, guide your way on.

Written by : Jaguar Mary


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