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Young Living Oils for Hormones

I am so glad that spirit brought me to this place to be sharing in the magic of the Young Living Oils at Balispirit Festival. It seems when something is meant to be guidance keeps bringing it back again and again. I am listening. We have to watch the synchronistic flow and open to the miracles that are on offer. Having just joined and been signed up as a distributor it seems the power of these oils are calling in the evolution and unfolding in the divine plan. The vibrations and molecules in the oils hold frequencies that are key to our beings.

All of us sitting there in Frances Fullers seminar on Young Living Oils and hormones, experienced not just talking about the oils, but the scents and therapeutic properties by applying them on the skin. These oils do not just treat the symptom but bring them into balance. There is an art to the chemistry of the oils that is profound. All the stories of peoples healing seems to be a divine intervention of the perfect set of molecules for the system that is needed.

Hormones govern everything in the whole body. Form the hypothalamus, pineal gland, thymus, pancreas, liver, ovaries and testes, adrenal glands Young Living has something on offer to bring these into perfect working order. Cedar wood brings oxygen and better brain function and oxygenates the system. Balancing the stresses and aging process governed by the pituitary gland. Geranium supports the thyroid, heart, ovaries and testes, and parathyroid.

When every-one has been burning the candles at both ends and the common cold and other lurking lurgies are hanging around threatening to enter it seems that thieves and inner defense are the answer. The properties of these essential oils are unique and the answer to many ailments and also supporting abundant flow in life.

Theives is fascinating. Named after the robbers from the 20th century, who used to go out in the black plague and weren’t getting sick. When questioned they turned out to be spice traders, rubbing essential oils all over the body. Aha! When Gary young formed this antiviral and bacterial blend using cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, and other magic essences he named it thieves.

Another it seems incredible blend it stress away, using copa iba, okatia,south American plant I have never heard of (correct me if I am wrong), lime, cedarwood (wiring brain properly) and other mystical remedies. Nutmeg seems to be the answer to support the adrenal glands.

Frances left the class having activated the women’s libidos with progesterone. Running out of time to give the men Blue Spice. So there may be some lucky men around the festival that day and night. Leaving the grove to go into into yoga. We were melted with the sacred chanting and music coming from the bakhti babes at the soma dome. Such a high time in Balispirit Festival.

Sitting with this spiritedly 70 old was a revelation. If I was half as healthy and vibrant as she is at her age, I will be happy. Frances Fuller is a testimony to the power of Young Living Oils.

She has been using them since 1999, when she had had at early ages hypothoiroid, irritable bowl syndrome, abdominal surgeries, endometriosis, pneumonia been on medications, antibiotics, steroids and antihistamines for over 30 years with a plethora of autoimmune diseases and chronic degenerative diseases. She had tried essential oils a few times and they didn’t work. Then some one introduced her to Young Living and they are different.

The company covers the process from seed to seal. Using good seeds to get a good process. Overseeing the growing and distilling. Gary Young is the acknowledged expert for Essential oils in the world today.

Frances fractured her spine at 68, by jumping on a trampoline, compressing her lumbar vertebrae, doctors said she needed surgery and would never walk again. She was walking in one week using nothing except the essential oil. Within three months later had absolutely no pain. Pioneering having the young living essential oils intravenously, she is looking to set up a clinic in Pakistan. Pro

Young Living Oils is a multilevel company, with a focus on education. People can order wholesale or retail. She travels all over Asia and all over the world. Follow us on twitter.


Written by : Kala Shekinah


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