Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali 2025 Dates TBD

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Welcome, First Timers!

Thank you for embarking on this beautiful journey with us. We promise you will not regret it. Read on and find some useful hints on how to prepare for

your first time at BaliSpirit Festival



To get an idea of what to expect at the BaliSpirit Festival, check out this video:



You are wondering what to pack for the festival? We made that one easy, check out our pack list.

Find loads of additional practical hints in our regular attendee newsletters, which we will send to all ticket holders beginning from this week. They also give you some ideas on how to prepare EMOTIONALLY and MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE.



Stay updated on the latest news and connect with the festival community! We recommend that you check out our Instagram profile, Facebook, and the Facebook Events Group. You can also follow our hashtags: #BaliSpiritFest #BaliSpiritFestival #BaliSpirit #BaliSpiritFest2020 #BaliSpiritFestival2020 #balispiritfestival



When planning your trip to the BaliSpirit Festival, we highly recommend taking more time than just the festival week. There are amazing pre-festival events to tune you in the perfect mood, as well as post-festival retreats and trainings, which expand the festival experience and deepen the process of transformation. And of course, because there is soooo much to do. Check out What to do in Ubud and other parts of Bali, Yoga in Ubud and get more inspiration on holistic Bali.



Of course, you want to stay somewhere…you have the choice between staying in Ubud and using our shuttle service to the venue, or stay super close to the festival grounds. Find our recommended accommodation partners here.



Are you traveling alone? No worries, you won’t be alone long…there are so many like-minded souls and a fantastic festival community which will give you that family feeling quite fast. And – solo traveling can be the best experience you ever have. Read more about it here.



We love your kids. Do you plan to experience BSF as a family? Check out our KidsZone and kids program, especially on Community Day and find the perfect program for you and the little ones.


There will be a carefully curated mix of daytime and nighttime program, music, dance, yoga, healing, LOVE, SPIRIT, and Balinese culture. So for now what you can do is getting excited for your first time at BaliSpirit Festival, and once you are here always remember: Enjoy being the beginner. Soak it all in, and don’t forget to shine.



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