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Are You Stopping Yourself From Reaching Your Full Potential?

Self-sabotage is one of the trickiest things on the path of personal growth and often accompanied by imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, fear of failure, or fear of being criticized. It comes in many sneaky ways, where the ego runs the show and tells us it’s not worth it, it will not work, nobody will like it, or it has been done one million times before.

The voice in the head gets the loudest when the desired goal is close. All the effort that has been put into a particular project suddenly gets thrown overboard. This happens especially when the change and growth that come with the goal are directly knocking on the door.

All of a sudden, we switch our mind, shift focus, change the approach, get bored, let go, or walk away. All perfect signs of resistance. And where there is resistance, there is growth and tremendous amounts of gold in the form of miracles.

Did you ever have a pivotal breakthrough moment where the whole Universe conspired to help you create something more significant than ever before? Where you had no clue on how to achieve it? Then you know how much power is behind the first step in the right direction and the steadfastness to stay focused on the target.

Success vs. Fear

Fear is inevitable. How we respond to it is our choice. We can face it and turn away, or we can face it and say I’m doing it anyway, let’s see what happens.

Success is not always getting what we want. Success is going after what we want and putting in the work to get there. Whatever happens along the way is a valuable learning process that helps us to grow and expand our capacities, learn new things, and find new avenues of doing what we want to do.

Signs of Self-Sabotage

Old habits that we know are just stemming from comfort, but not from necessity, let alone growth, are a good sign of self-sabotage. If you find it hard to leave out-dated patterns behind that don’t serve you, make a pledge to yourself today, to stop and instill a new behavior. It might take some time until it’s reliable, but daily practice makes the master.

If you have the tendency to walk away from projects, relationships, or jobs, exactly when everything is going well and picking up momentum, just because all of a sudden, you get bored, disinterested, or need a new challenge, ask yourself why that is. Ask yourself, if it is helpful in the long-run in getting you what you deserve and fulfilling you in profound, meaningful ways.

Solutions to Live Your Full Potential

  • Face the fear and do it anyway. If there is a dream that has been living long enough in you to not disappear, see it as your Soul’s calling to bring this into physical manifestation. If there is a talent that you have, which might be one of your greatest hobbies, but you haven’t expanded on it fully yet to turn this into work and show it to more people, this is the time! Stepping into your full potential is scary as hell and often comes with one million obstacles, defenses, and detours, neatly arranged by your ego. So, to blossom, expand and grow beyond the normal, you gotta get acquainted with the uncomfortable. Where there is uncomfortableness, shyness, insecurity, and vulnerability, there is a golden opportunity for growth and miracles. You never know who might be amazed by your full potential and receive tremendous love, healing, or inspiration from you stepping into your power!
  • If your big vision scares you, start taking baby steps. Break your goals down into measurable action steps and start with one thing at a time. Best is to write everything down on paper and then hold yourself accountable for doing something for your vision every day. The more you nurture the energy of what you’d like to attract, manifest, or achieve, the stronger is the pull of your energy field to align circumstances, people, and places that fit this. You can even find yourself an accountability buddy, who checks in with you often to check your commitment and progress on this!
  • Affirmations also help a lot. If you start your day with a daily meditation practice, try adding positive affirmations to it that are aligned with living your highest truth and fullest potential. It can be anything as simple as: ‘I’m successful at achieving anything I want today’. ‘Today, I’m taking action on my dreams.’ ‘Today I’m meeting wonderful people who support my vision.’ ‘I’m aligned in body, mind, and heart to go after what I truly want in life.’

How BaliSpirit Festival Helps to Unfold your Full Potential

Besides an amazing variety of yoga, dance, meditation and martial arts workshops that help you to bring your attention inwards, there are also inspiring talks and seminars at BaliSpirit Festival. Speakers and presenters share their wisdom and successful strategies on how to discover your potential and how to reach your dreams. Meet Carmela Fleury, Brent J. Wexler, Hillary Hitt, Tariq EQ Amawi and a lot more during their self development workshops.

Make your dreams a priority and then take distinct action every day, and you will see how magically more and more opportunities start to come to you, to help you to step into your full potential!

There is a saying that goes: ‘God helps those that help themselves.’ So the more action you take, the more support you receive from the Universe.

Start today, no delay!

Written by Anne Haack intuitive coach and psychic healer, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher, movement facilitator and DJ.


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